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I’m happy to say that I’ve been accepted into the The Society of Graphic Designers of Canada a few days ago. It’s cool. I’m honored. I’m even listed on their site now, though I have yet to put my portfolio. Much like the much more massive AIGA in the States, the GDC helps represent designers, enforce standards, and promote ethical business practices. I’m in the mix—American, Canadian, designeran.

Help wanted.

So, I posted this position today for a CSS developer at Authentic Jobs. If you know of anyone who might be applicable and who might want to apply, please send forward this to them? Thanks.
Postscript: Help wanted was gained at The Royal Mint. Check out these beautiful, beautiful designs for the new coins by 26-year old Matthew Dent.

Paul Rand.

This was an amazing interview with Paul Rand.
“I’ll solve your problem for your the best way I know how.”
As a designer, I’d like to get to this point professionally. “I’ll provide one design for you that I believe will help you. If you want other designs, ask other designers.” In case you don’t know Rand, he’s the total master of corporate identity in the 20th century.


I like the way this guy narrates a funny, angry tutorial, called “You Sucjk at Photoshop.” Obviously, he must have done this for a paycheck previously. Thanks to my friend, K.F., for the lead.


It’s neat. You can write a ransom note on a pretty yellow piece of paper these days without having to look through magazines and newspapers, worry about the glue sticking, or think about the kerning of the individual letters. It’s also cool that you don’t have to take anyone hostage or kill or murder anyone. Old days be gone! Joy to the world!

Tiny Hands.

There are currently two spots airing right now about men with tiny hands. One is for Burger King and it’s okay; it plays on the stereotype of small hands and small members and the revelation of inadequacy among men. The second is more powerful and funnier, if more pretentious, spot for Herringbone; it features the short history of a boy with small hands who grew to be a beloved tailor throughout Europe.
These give hope to the world.