I've been a big fan

I’ve been a big fan of a small, Toronto-based firm that sells — and is called — Fonts for Flash. I purchased a few of their fonts today, which are both inexpensive and highly usable for Flash and any Web design work that one might undertake. I always think that the folks who create these fonts, which appear very small though legibly on websites, are a bit like those that can write a paragraph of Biblical text on a grain of rice. These fonts are miracles of microscopic ingenuity.

The whole U.N./U.S./U.K. war fiasco

The whole U.N./U.S./U.K. war fiasco is looking increasingly like a U-circus — which is somehow alluded to in this week’s New Yorker. No, not in the actual content of the magazine but in the first 10 pages of ads by clothiers like Banana Republic, Prada, and Armani. I’m sure it’s not my imagination getting the better of me — in the ads, tents and clowns and colorful text and fanciful textures are all a play on the carnivalesque that is our daily political and economic environs.

I must state for the

I must state for the record that my ol’ alma mater, Brown University, now has one of the finest university Web sites I’ve seen, perhaps the finest. The new redesign (probably launched only days ago) allows for much better navigation, cleaner access to many sub-sites, and nicely featured, large images on the home page.

I do a lot of

I do a lot of writing for documentation, proposals, and Web content and for five years, I have consulted numerous style guides about the spelling of all things Internet. How do you spell “Web,: for instance? Is it like “TV” or is it like “radio”? I’m pretty particular about spelling and grammar and scouring the Web, I’ve found little consistency or advice.
For my birthday this week, a friend gave me The Web Content Style Guide: An Essential Reference for Online Writers, Editors and Managers, a product of the reputable Financial Times. Here are the definitive spellings:
“Web” is the abbreviation of “World Wide Web”; a.k.a. “the Web”
– a “Web browser” is a program that views a “Webpage”
– a “website” is a publication that is “online”
– a “homepage” is the first page of a “website design”
– the “Internet” or “Net” is the so-called networks of networks
– however, an “intranet” is an organization’s internal online publication
– one uses an “email address” to send “email”
So, in sum: no more “E-mail,” “e-mail,” “Email,” “web,” “internet,” “web page,” “Web page,” or “Home page.” Whew. Have a good weekend.

There are a number of

There are a number of rumors that President Bush will announce at this press conference tonight that Osama Bin Laden has been captured….I won’t speak to this but I do know that I really like the new Honda Element, which I’ve seen on the road for a few weeks now. A combination of little-hummer and tiny-Land Cruiser mixed with odd, expressionist styling, I find the vehicle somewhat intriguing. It’s not the Aztec that people are comparing it with, and though I loathe SUVs, this one actually seems safe and fuel-efficent.

It's kind of strange, I'll

It’s kind of strange, I’ll readily admit, but I thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from cleaning during my birthday today. I first had the car, inside and out, cleaned and polished. After driving off, I had the distinctly odd feeling that the windows were so clean that they had been removed. I don’t think the car was ever that wiped. Later in the day, I cleaned our home, top to bottom, for 2 hours. My office is also clean now. All the laundry is clean and put away as well. Truly, I can now think more clearly and feel more deeply and hope more madly than I had been able to do so in probably 3 or 4 months.